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Our Team

Corazón's priority is to serve New Mexico's marginalized communities, namely immigrant families, Spanish-speaking households, disabled populations, and Native American families. Our team members recognize the importance of identifying our clients' unique needs and helping them to care for themselves and their own families.


Pauline is from Northern New Mexico, growing up primarily in Santa Fe. She earned her MA in Counseling from the University of New Mexico in 1987. See more

Pauline Lucero


Bryn is from Santa Clara Pueblo and grew up in Northern NM. She began working as an Americorp volunteer in 2004 at a local arts focused dayhab program for individuals with Intellectual/ Developmental Disabilities. She graduated from UNM in 2012 with a MA in counseling and was the first intern with Corazón.

Bryn Naranjo


Rhoda graduated in 1988 from University of New Mexico with an MA in Counseling. In addition to working on the DD waiver since 2009, she is a behavioral health and pediatric clinician, has a private counseling practice, and is EMDR certified. 

Rhoda Bubar


Irene graduated from University California Los Ángeles in 1986 with a MA in Dance/ Movement Therapy . She has worked extensively with children and families. 

Irene Madrigal


Maureen is originally from the Chicagoland area of Illinois, and now calls the mountains of New Mexico home. Maureen graduated from the University of New Mexico with an MA in Counseling in 2016. Maureen is  a licensed School Counselor and Mental Health Counselor and also works at a local charter middle school.

Maureen Johnson


Jessa graduated from Northern Arizona University in 2008 with an MA in Counseling. She specializes in working with adoptive families, adoption, and children with attachment issues.

Jessa Walker


Nora graduated from New Mexico Highlands University with a MSW in counseling in 2005. She has worked with the IV population for 13 years and has been on the IDT waiver since 2014.

Nora Sandoval


Jessica’s family is originally from Mexico. She was born in California and has lived in Albuquerque for the past 25 years. She received her MSW from  NM Highlands University in 2013 and has also worked as a school social worker.

Jessica Gutiérrez


Gloria was raised in Roswell, NM and moved to Albuquerque for middle and high school. She worked for an inner city program in Kansas for 3 years before returning to Albuquerque, where she attended CNM for 3 years. She worked as a training instructor and compliance coordinator for VSA North 4th Arts for 13 years prior to their closure.

Gloria Lucero

Administrative Assistant

Juan is a second year graduate student at New Mexico State University. He will graduate with his MSW in May, 2021. He is a first generation college graduate in his family and was raised in Albuquerque. He is also bilingual in Spanish and English and is learning America Sign Language as a part of his internship with the American Sign Language Academy.

Juan Martínez

NMSU MSW Intern 2020-2021

Originally from Mexico, Tita is in the Bilingual/Bicultural Program at NMHU and  will graduate with her MSW in May, 2022. She is a first generation college graduate. Tita also has experience working with pre-school age children in a local daycare

Tita Ibarra-Pérez

NMHU MSW Intern 2020-2021

Bri Vanschuyver

NMHU MSW Intern 2019-2020

Alyssa Romero

NMHU MSW Intern 2020-2021
Queren Saldana Luna2.jpeg

Queren Saldana Luna

NMHU MSW Intern 2023
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